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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Color Spree

It is usually still quite chilly round these parts by the time Easter rolls around. I learned my lesson well as a little girl freezing in short sleeves & a bonnet! I decided on the Lainey dress for the girls for Easter. It looks cozy & comfy & they will be comfortable if the mercury doesn't rise as high as we hope.
The Adelene is my back-up purchase. They can wear this for late spring /summer events if it is too cold to wear them for Easter.

Isn't the Odile ideal? I don't need an event to dress them in this. We can cruise anywhere with this: comfy & cute.
Mommy cannot resist matching!!

I recently purchased these pjs for my BFF. She loved them! I do too!

I noticed that the bulk of my Lilly purchases are made during the months of February & March! I think when you live in a cold weather climate you are sort of purchasing sunny day for the future when you plan your Lilly outfits in advance.

Maybe I have "seasonal color deprivation"? If there isn't such a thing then it must be invented to explain my sprees. Although, I love Lilly 12 months a year, so there goes that excuse!

I said to my Husband when we were in Monaco together that the color there was like someone had reached into my psyche and pulled out my dream palatte. The buildings were sherbet colors and the water a windex blue. It all filled my eyes like a breath of fresh air fills the lungs. Color feeds the soul. Please feel free to use this theory to justify your next Lilly spree! LOL


  1. I have Monaco posters in my son's room and love thinking back on visiting there. I agree for some reason as the snow falls here I am thinking about pretty, vibrant colors!

  2. Love the choices and even living in South Florida, I look forward to the warm days of Spring and the opportunity to wear my bright colored Lilly shifts.