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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bring on The Bunnies

Enter & win some delicious cookies from my FABULOUS friend at PINKMARTINIS&PEARLS ! She is so tremendously talented & must start an online business so we can all order her cookies. Plus, her blog is such a delight I cyber-visit her in The OC every morning & we listen to tunes & I drink coffee. (She is asleep on the West Coast, but I get to enjoy her heartfelt, stylish blog before my Twincesses get up!) I'm so ready for Easter & Spring!


  1. I love that you call your little ones "the Twincesses!"

    Found you from Short Southern Momma...very cute and preppy blog!

  2. I agree i'm totally ready for spring , i get sick of this cold weather we have here this year ! And i'm totally ready to eat delicious chocolate eggs and chocolate rabbits made my brother in law ( he is CHOCOLATIER !!! ) for easter ... Spring come come !

  3. I'll have to 'hop' over there and check out those cookies!