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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sister, I'm a poet.

On this life path/spiritual journey I am on, I have noticed that many of my instincts as a young girl were spot on. I naturally gave myself time to be immersed in things that fed my soul. As I grew older I convinced myself it was indulgent to sit in nature, read poems or listen to music. Where did I get that concept? Was it self-imposed, or just a cultural norm? Unless we are driving toward a goal or making money many of us see our time as wasted. What about contemplation?   I realize now that it's absolutely mandatory.

Svadhyaya - self-study.  Connecting to what inspires you.

Wow! Blow my brain up into multi-colored glitter.  This is a thing? Not only is this a thing, it is encouraged? Part of the practice? The art of staying inspired?

Rolf Gates (my life guru) writes, " must stay connected to your own sources of inspiration." Really, Rolf? Where have you been all my life? Permission to connect to energy I find healing and inspiring???? Sad that I needed his book to grant me this necessity, which I had always mistakenly considered a luxury.

It is necessary to wrap my being up in the: writers, poets, songs, books, movies, and art that inspire me.

I'm not as awesome as Rolf.  (He is so beyond awesome.) I do feel like giving everyone I know permission to be who they already are.  Rolf sprinkled magic dust over my being with those words.

For more of his amazing insight: Rolf Gates

"I'm as BOLD as love." -Jimi Hendrix