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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February Break-Throughs (Zen and the art of folding towels)

February Break. I used to love it. Then it became a lot like a boyfriend I had TOTALLY outgrown. Travel was a given back in the day. It isn't possible with my kids health issues right now. (Don't leave. This isn't a Debbie Downer post! I swear!)

Are you still here?


I am not on a beach somewhere fabulous. (Thanks for all the beautiful picture texts Mom. *sigh*) However, I am having what is proving to be a darn good time!

I've been working on an article for Multiplicity Magazine. It's an online publication for ladies like me who gave birth to a litter. I'm so excited at the idea of connecting with other mothers of multiples!

I've been baking like a mad woman. More to come on that as both twins have been diagnosed with celiacs and a slew of food allergies. Cooking is a phenomenal way to bond with your children. It also creates a huge mess. The Twincesses are up to almost as many wardrobe changes as Anne Hathaway hosting the Oscars.

Laundry has taken over my universe. It's not the washing. It's not the drying. It's the folding. Sometimes there is so much to fold that I fantasize about putting it all in my SUV and dumping it in the woods, like a mafia hit.

I had to find a way to embrace laudry. I can't even doll it up with pretty fabric sofener smells. It is straight up Seventh Generation, eco-friendly detergent for my allergy babies. So at first I lied to myself. I told myself laundry was my hobby. This started to work a bit. I started thinking about great memories each of the items held: a shirt my hubby looks hot in, bath time with The Twincesses, etc. The task became more joy filled.

If this doesn't work for you - MOMMY TIP: Dump the laundry on your bed! Then you have to fold it! I know there are those among you who will be sleeping on your clothes...........

I count my blessings while I fold. I think about how lucky I am to have these amazing people to take care of, how holy being a wife and mom is. It's very zen. It's almost therapeutic. Laundry as hobby? Laundry as religion? Probably NOT! However, I may be on to something. First born begs to help with the laundry now. Perhaps she sees mommy radiating enlightenment as she folds? Perhaps it is a novelty? Perhaps she can take this over as a chore in a few years and I can read US Weekly?

I'm having a great February break. There are no photos for this post. Sorry, but I'm busy. I've got laundry to fold!