Multiplicity Magazine

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Me Time?????!!!!!! Whaaaaaaat???????

Well, Multiplicity Magazine came out yesterday and I suggested to thousands of readers that they take more time for themselves.

Cue folks coming to my blog to see that I haven't written in a month.  Did I say anything about bringing an IPAD to the spa?

I am blogging to you right now sitting on the floor of my twin's room surrounded by laundry. Thank God there are professionals outside cleaning up and mowing my lawn.  Spring has finally come to my frosty corner of the world.  I'm attempting to spring clean.  Important things like watching items on eBay keep getting in my way.  Who are these deranged Batman-like villains who insist on bidding on the same antique cardigan clips that I do????!!!!! Thieves! If I don't watch them they will steal my treasures.

So, how am I doing in my challenge? Pretty well! I am eating super healthy & drinking my smoothies.  I joined yoga. I actually read a book! *Audible gasps from readers*. More about that gem of literature soon.

Here.s my new challenge:


I want to say once a day, something other than a grocery list or a tweet.  I'm going to be realistic though and say at least once a week.  Every other day as I progress, and then daily.  Something.  Even if it's just to say: I AM MOMMY, THEREFORE I AM.

If you found me via my multiplicity article thank you so much for stopping by.  I wish I could hug all the MOMs in the universe.  Where are you from? How are you? Leave me a note.  Say hi.  Tell me to take my own advice! Nice to meet you.

Ok, off to fold laundry....

Warrior Mommy

Get ready to be super proud of me. Ready? I JOINED A YOGA CLASS!!!! Ok, so I missed the first two, but I went to the next two and I flat out LOVE it. It was not easy to get there & if it wasn't for my family helping me with the twins, I would have never made it.

I must tell you, if you are a mother of multiples they should issue you a yoga class in the maternity ward. If you are a special needs mama, or the mother of a critically ill child, a class should be mandatory and paid for by the government. (& I'm a fiscal conservative. I think.  I'm not 100% sure. I did grow up in the 80s.)

Yoga is good for your body and also quiets the mind.  I've practiced Pilates since I was 5 months pregnant and would never give that up. Yoga feeds a different place in our souls that needs rejuvenation. It helps to bring calm.  We warrior Moms are in a whirlwind. Calm is difficult to find. Let someone help you with this. DVDs etc are great if you cannot get a sitter.  Start at a beginner level so you enjoy it!

If there is one thing I've learned through the years, it is never to doubt the wisdom of Sting.