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Friday, November 26, 2010


Taylor Swift can do no wrong in my book right now. She is so girlishly stylish. I love her fairytale aura. Right now with the holidays coming I'm loving all the sequins and sparkle I'm seeing in fashion. I still have some skirts and tank tops like this from the last sequin surge in 2006.

Not totally crazy about these boots, but a different pair would have been a fun surprise instead of heels. It feels powerful and very rockstarish to rock some boots.
She really looks stunning in green and I am totally into jeweled tones for the winter season.

Many props to you Taylor. I hope she finds her Prince Charming, but there is plenty of time for that! Right now she should just enjoy being the FEARLESS belle of the ball!

Monday, November 15, 2010


This book is my next purchase. A Boston Terrier changed my life, and I too believe that dogs can teach us the secret to happiness. If you have spent a morning with one sniffing the autumn air, you can instantly be reminded in the beauty of the moment.

I'm anxious to purchase this book, but then I had to question myself. Do people buy books anymore? Am I one of the last?

I don't have a kindle.

Should I get one?

There is something about a book that is your own though, non? I like to underline, to fold pages, to revisit the book again & again. If I don't truly love it, just enjoyed it, then I pass it on to a friend with like tastes. Waste of money? Waste of space? I just don't know. If you love kindle, let me know why. I'm open to less clutter! But to part with my books? My favorite books?

When JFK Jr. announced to the world that his mother had passed he described her leaving this world surrounded by the things and people she loved. He mentioned her books. It struck a chord with me. I understood it. I have carried some books with me in a purse much like a good luck charm, or a shot of courage. I have revisited passages in doctor's offices, funeral homes, and in the car before a job interview. My Grandmother's bible still smells like her perfume. It's such a treasure.

Emily Dickinson said, "there is no frigate like a book, To take us lands away..." Can we travel the same way with a kindle? Is the emotional bond the same?

Sunday, November 7, 2010


I am obsessed with old images of Marlo Thomas lately. These boots & that perfect hair?

...and the coats
The coats were amazing.
Marlo was "That Girl", a series that went off the air before I was born! The image stills, however, stand up over time. There is a vivacious energy to the clothes. I have a pink Marc Jacobs coat that is not that unlike the one above. There is optimism and fun in Marlo's styling. Besides, who doesn't want to be that girl ?