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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

THE Posh Momma

Run (as fast as you can in heels) to your nearest book/grocery store & pick up Glamour magazine. I'm not a frequent reader of it, but of course I buy anything with the ultimate Posh Momma on the cover. This issue is REALLY cute with some great healthy food tips & a very whimsical pink & pretty fashion spread. The Victoria Beckham spread is a fun twist on being a housewife!!

Something tells me Victoria doesn't often indulge, but if you are going to - you cannot go wrong with cupcakes!

LOVE the D&G headband & just look at that sweet puppy!

Burberry trench & amazing Louboutins. (Pictures feature a lilac & a pink pair). BTW I totally look like that when I'm grocery shopping too...

The Posh Mom would of course have a posh b-day planned! Her manicure os OUTSTANDING. You can see it better in the actual mag.

And a Posh Momma is a Puppy Momma too! (as Riley Bear snores next to me...) Such a fun issue. The interview with Mrs. Beckham is super cute & worth the read. Thanks Glamour!


  1. I just love her!! She has been a guest host on The View lately and I've enjoyed watching her. She has amazing style!!

  2. i'm more in a "very not classy way" concerning this woman : how vulgar she is !

  3. LOL! So many people either love her or hate her. What a polarizing pop culture icon!

  4. I was just reading that issue today. She is SO adorable in it!

  5. yes she leaves anyone indifférent !!!

  6. Wow! She has that 70's classic look to her. Never imagined her that way before.


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