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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Music's Big Night

My favorite awards show is upon us: THE GRAMMYS! Anyone who knows me knows music is my obsession. The Twincesses even call my Mom Grammy. I am all about this awards show!

Album of the Year: Taylor Swift will win. She is America's sweetheart & I love her too. However, Lady Gaga should win. She takes risks & has the talent to back it up. Artists with vision, bravado & talent get two thumbs up from me.

Record of the Year:Kings of Leon will win. Taylor may steal it from them. The song that should win is not nominated. It is "Breakeven" by The Script. That is the best song anyone has written in a long time.

Best New Artist:MGMT is out there like Eddie & The Cruiser's "Season In Hell". It's what the future of music sounds like (it or not.) Keri Hilson will win. However, my second born daughter LOVES The Ting Tings & has been be-bopping in her highchair to them forever, so they get my vote.

Best Rock Album: If anyone other than U2 wins this I will just roll my eyes. "No Line On The Horizon" is amazing. Yes, "How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb" is a masterpiece. This is not the same album. It isn't as flawless, but they are not competing against themselves. This work of art is
unique & new, yet still true to who they are as a band. I could go on & on. Pulled my car over to the side of the road to listen to "Magnificent" the first time a Toronto radio station leaked it. Genius. It literally stopped me in my (SUV) tracks.

Best Alternative Album: Love them all. Brian Eno is a genius. Death Cab is one of the best bands of the past 10 years. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs lyrics are cool. Phoenix gets my vote though. I happened upon this band in 2002 in Paris. They amazed me. This new album is so fresh, so fun. I hope they win.

Best Rap Song: Going with the T.I./Timberlake collabo here. I don't think Justin has made a mistake yet. (Except dating Alyssa Milano. So D-list)
I cannot wait. I love the music & the fashion of The Grammys. Maybe I'll get to go next year!