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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Burning Like A Flame

This blog is for Fur Baby Mommas too! I was thinking of you when I chose today's post. Some of the best parents I know have fur children. I was a Fur Momma first and our Boston Terrier is still my spoiled little boy. Some of my friends are the most amazing parents to their dogs and cats. They are so devoted and spend time, money, and untold energy making their homes safe for their "children".

In our house we have three toddlers: two darling little girls and their Boston Terrier brother. In an effort to keep all three of them safe I had to make the switch to flameless candles. I absolutely love candlelight. A room, or dining table, becomes so inviting when illuminated in that soft glow.

Candles+kids+pets= not such a good idea. So I was thrilled to buy some flameless candles. There are a lot on the market. My purchases have been from CandleImpressions and I got them through QVC.

These gems are battery operated. They flicker, mimicking real candle-light perfectly. They even smell like candles! I love that they have a timing feature. I have mine set to come on at dusk and they stay on for 5 hours and then they shut themselves off. FABULOUS! I do not have time for on/off switches! I'm wrangling toddlers over here! Once the children go to bed sometimes I cannot get off the couch, so it's a true joy to look over at my mantle and see it all aglow.

These are so realistic that I got scolded by my mother for doing something so dangerous! My candles interspersed with garland for the holidays looked like a gorgeous fire hazard.

I use these daily and the batteries last quite awhile. Shine on, Mommas!

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  1. They are amazing and so safe. Real candles are always the first thing a fire man will say was to blame