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Saturday, March 3, 2012

No time for lather, rinse & repeat

Having two little ones with Celiac & mitochondria has forced me to be hyper-vigilant about all the products that come into our house. I am personally wild for foaming soap. It may sound crazy to people who do not have multiples, but I do NOT have time to lather.

I hailed foaming soap as a genius product to friends and family who nodded quizzically. Believe me, when you are wrangling two little ones this is not a luxury item. You need to get poopy off your hands and you need to get back to work pronto!

When I had to make a change to green products I was shocked to find things like red dye #40 in some of my favorite hand soaps. I don't want to be exposed to chemicals like that, so I certainly won't expose my children who have health issues.

Check the labels. I must make sure that our soaps are gluten-free. All moms could do without chemicals in their little ones' soap. Ever notice how much time those hands spend near little: eyes, noses, & mouths?

Kiss My Face makes a nice foaming soap that I have in all our bathrooms. If anyone has any other great soap products let me know, but remember it has got to foam. I'm a busy lady.

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