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Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Time Bandit

My latest endeavor is an article for Multiplicity Magazine on Mommy Rejuvenation.  Let's see if I can follow my own advice, shall we?

I've asked our readers to take care of themselves.  I can hear the cries of, "THERE ISN'T TIME!"

I don't know if in the space of my article I have expressed enough empathy to our readers.  It's almost like a science fiction movie.  Where is the time going?  My "babies" are now five.  I still rarely pee alone.  The days fly by. 

I've challenged our readers to find time.  I must accept this challenge myself!  First off, I haven't even updated this blog or included the snazzy button they gave me AGES ago.  (There wasn't time.)  Many of my friends & family haven't even read the articles I've written.  I don't even share the ones I haven't gotten a byline for.  Multiplicity is always kind enough to give us writers a byline and they allow us in some cases to link our blogs to them.  Thank you, Multiplicity.  I've finally TAKEN THE TIME to actually do that. 

In this science fiction scenario I am now the brave female protagonist (since this is fiction let's pretend I also now have no wrinkles) who will make time bend to her will.

My goal is that by Mother's Day I will be able to say that I have developed some new, sustainable improvements in my well-being.

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