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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It's Not Easy drinking Green

I'm usually the last person to join a bandwagon. The green smoothie craze came to me (pardon the pun) very organically. It came to my attention that I needed to increase my vitamin B intake. I would suggest to everyone to have some current blood work done. There are so many vitamins that even healthy people are lacking in.

Also, mothers of multiples in particular should have their homocysteine levels checked. Your doctor will try to talk you out of it. Don't let him/her. Also, they will tell you levels above 7 are fine. They are not. The "averages" they speak to you about are created by comparing you to all kinds of people of various ages and weight. That's just misleading. Ask for the homocysteine levels on the cardiac panel. Your doctor won't ask you to have this test until you are already presenting symptoms or have your first heart attack. If you are feeling extremely lethargic this could be a sign of elevated homocysteine. Don't just convince yourself that it's normal to be tired.

Its important to note that coffee raises homocysteine levels. The vicious circle is, the more coffee you drink the more tired you will become.

We did invest in a vitamix. They are very expensive, but I can not gush enough about mine. It makes smoothie making a breeze. There are also so many other wonderful things you can make. Mine even has the hot soup option. It's divine!

There are so many recipes out there. You can customize your smoothies to your needs. Green veggies are my go to for Vitamin B. I like to load up on High C fruits during cold and flu season. You can also make protein into your smoothie with protein powders or nut butters. Agave, Stevia, and Raw Honey are my favorite sweeteners. When choosing or creating recipes one must be mindful of sugar & calories. I'm all about aesthetics, but I want my smoothie to deliver the most nutrition possible.

Using a vitamix to create smoothies really has been a sustainable way for me to get more fruits and veggies into my family's diet. We eat 100% organic. Often certain fruits & veggies are not available so freezing some in season and buying frozen organic are the ways I make sure I have variety during all seasons.

My twins love their smoothies. I use scrumptious coconut milk & coconut yogurt to make theirs extra yummy & sweet. I love making my hubby smoothies. He is so super busy that it's a great way for him to drink his fruits & veggies on the go!


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