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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beauty Hype

It's spring & frankly,I needed a beauty product fix. I decided to do something very differently this shopping spree. Instead of buying tried & true products or making discoveries on my own: I decided to believe the hype! I went after products I've heard all about, highly touted by fashion mags & friends.

First up is Sarah Jessica Parker's new fragrance NYC. It's been heralded as the IT fragrance for summer as the new S&TC movie is only 6 weeks away! SJP herself says, "it's a party in a bottle." I liked the sweet fruity floral fragrance and the packaging is not only pretty, but super potable and easy to toss in an over-stuffed purse. The deciding factor on making it my spring scent was when The Love of My Life said, "You smell great."

Tarte's lip stain in charmed. I'm not sure what lipsurgence is. Tarte promotes it as increasing lip moisture by 6000%. My lips do feel a little tingly & cool when I wear it & since champagne is not something I regularly have at 8a.m. Tarte is going to have to do.

Nars multiple is a great product for Mom's on the go! Cheeks, lips & eyes. It is a great product to throw in my bag & spruce up in 59 seconds or less.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer potion has been praised by fashionista Laura forever! It does create a nice palette for eyeshadow. (But I need to buy nicer eyeshadow to truly test it.) The packaging is great, in that its pretty & easy to use.

YSL Touche Eclat - I read a long time ago that this was the one product Victoria Beckham cannot live without. It goes on smoothly & there is no caking or cracking (even after a busy day outdoors & on the playground).

All and all I didn't NEED any of these products, but I sure had fun buying & using them. Very occasionally its fun to revel in the hype!!


  1. Those are sound great!! I want to try the YSL Touche Eclat! Hope your having a wonderful week! xoxo

  2. I am sold on the SJP just from the adorable bottle! Isn't that crazy!

  3. I'd buy the perfume too if it got that approval rating! Watch out, it may lead to another set of twincesses!! ;) xoxo

  4. The hype is sure the best way to find great products : i share some of them with you : YSL touche éclat is a great product to have , very easy to carry in your bag too ! Nars is the best make-up seller ( with MAC ), and a new spring fragrance is a great way to enter spring ... Personnaly I have a fall-wnter-spring fragrance and a summer one ( bronze goddess from estée lauder , a best if you love sun , beach and ocean);
    I also hear about the urban decay eyeprimer and i was wondering if i'm gonna buy it. Could you tell me if it's a really great one ?
    Oh you could email me to exchange tips and "trucs"

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  6. ahh make-up my fav topic. thanks for popping over today, have a great weekend ahead.