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Sunday, April 18, 2010


All the lovely ladies wear Lilly! Those are my Twincesses in their Kelsea dresses. The rest are from the web sites new additions. The styling is just perfect in these pics. I love it. I have some events this summer. I'm debating ensembles. I love these dresses. I only wish Lilly made them a smidge longer(or added just a lil extra for alterations). I usually have to go to my seamstress and have ANY extra let down. Being the Mommy of 2 toddlers means bending over in the craziest of situations & one wants to feel "covered". What are your favorite dresses for summer?


  1. Love yellow, and your daughter is a beauty!

  2. I cannot believe how your girls are now 'big girls'. They have changed so much in a year. I love watching them grow into beauties. :) xoxo

  3. Your girls are too cute! Melting my heart! I am loving all those dresses....wish I had the problem of things being too short. hahahaha

    Hope your having a great night! xoxo

  4. Your daughters are absolutly adorable ! Those blue eyes are amazing ! Cuties really !

    I do love your choice of dress for summer . As far i'm concerned i don't have a favourite spot to shop , everything that hit my eyes in a shop is welcomed ! BUT sure this summer i will be on blue , every tones of it ...

  5. Posh Mommas,
    Your twins are super cute in their Lilly dresses. I completely agree about the shortness of the Lilly dresses for Mothers. As a mother of eight( two of which are under five,) I find it hard to mother in shorter dresses and skirts. Hopefully someone from Lilly is reading your blog right now... xoxo