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Thursday, April 8, 2010

April showers...

Bummed out by the April showers? Don't be!! It's the PERFECT excuse to delight in some amazing rain gear & accessories from KIDORABLE. This will have you hoping the skies open up & that there will be puddles for your kids to splash in. (The Twincesses have Fairies & Kitty cats.) See the site for all their creative ideas.


  1. It's adorable ! special mention for the last one " ladybug" (?) !
    I'm not an umbrella girl as i was raised in a windy part of France but here in Rennes i think i should buy some for the girls .Thanks for the idea !

  2. I am in love with the polka dots....oh la la! Maybe I could get Macy to wear something like that! Too cute! xoxo

  3. Adorable. No your butt does not look big. And how to people make it last? I have no idea, I've only made it 12 years-but my grandparents have made it 75. xoxo