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Monday, January 18, 2010

2010 Golden Globes

Flawless. Jen Garner did no wrong. I disagree with people who said it didn't compliment her skin. It was an interesting change from the bold colors she often wears. The sparkle was awesome.

Reese is such a lady. Fresh & fun. Very sophisticated.

Marion Cotillard is lovely, but her hair is too severe & a lady shouldn't show her lingerie like that. It really cheapens the whole look.

Messy & boring. Yes, she works out. We know. She also needs a new stylist because that one note is getting so old.

I don't love the dress, but she is so pretty. I would like it better without the horizontal stripes. Simple would have been better. If it was solid black it would have worked.
A bit too prom dress for me

The neckline is too old for her.

Yes, she works out too. However, this dress looks like cheap lingerie on top. There are dresses that show off a fab figure that look more lux.

This dress would have been pretty but several people in the room with me asked if she had a "squirrel" on her shoulder. Enough said.
Too voluminous and a boring color on her. Also, she behaved badly when Chase Crawford stepped on it. For sure it would upset a girl, but you don't crow about it on television during your acceptance speech!
Diane Krueger doesn't usually make mistakes, but this LaCroix is too Edina Monsoon.

Robert Downey Jr. was very old-Hollywood, Errol Flynn. Chic & charming. He & Simon Baker were my favorite men of the night.

Toni Collette looked gorgeous. The gold dress gained the perfect accessory with the award she won.
Olivia Wilde is so pretty. The plunging neckline detracted from her beautiful face.
I liked the blush color of this dress with Emily Blunt's dark hair. It could have been styled better, perhaps more full & fun.
Red was a mistake.

What were your favorites? Hits & misses? It was so fun to watch.


  1. thanks a lot for your support !! you're sweet !

  2. Stunning! I missed some of the looks so thx for sharing these pics. xoxo


  3. Ah ha ha. Hilarious. We disagreed about. In my post I shouted out my love or Sandra, Chloe AND Cameron! But I'm totally with you on Reese. She KILLED it! Ever since she debuted her post break up look, she has been spot on!

  4. I love how I didn't finish my thought...I meant we disagreed about...almost everything. I apologize for my gibberish. I'm only 2 cups of coffee in. I think a third is in order. Ah ha ha