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Sunday, May 30, 2010


Been so busy living in my backyard! With a new playset & the Twincesses' pool, there has been precious little time to blog. However, when I put on the most comfy longing ensemb today I almost literally exclaimed out loud, "I have to tell my blog friends about Majamas!"

I got mine at the most amazing store when I was preggers. The darling sales girl said they were comfy and totally pretty, so even though I was a brand new Mom (nursing twins) I wouldn't feel unpretty if people dropped by to see us! (No one did.) But I still LOVE the lounging clothes I bought!! SO SOFT & they do look pretty, which I'm sure husband & my immediate fam appreciated:)

If you are a new mom, momma to be or have a new mommy in your tribe, get her some Majamas! She will love them long after nursing goes back from a verb to a profession.(Unless you include "nursing" a cocktail. I still use it in that sense. )

Happy Memorial Day weekend!



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  1. I may never come out of them if I had them. :) xoxo