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Monday, March 8, 2010

MAD for Alice

Updating this.... this requires fashion GENIUS! I am so impressed with the costuming of this movie. It has to win an Academy Award next year. (I called Marie Antoinette's Oscar for costume design. I hope I've called this one as well.)

What girl wouldn't want her own suit of armour? Just the need for one shows you that Alice is going to be her own hero in this film. Girl power - how Posh!

On Saturday night on of my best friends & I ventured down the rabbit hole with Mr. Burton & Mr. Depp & Ms. Atwood. Colleen Atwood the film's costume designer. What a fashion-fest this movie was, even the animated characters were decked out by Ms. Atwood. There is a striped dress Alice wears as "Um" in the Red Queen's castle that I just LOVED. It was so Vivienne Westwood, almost a punk princess fairytale moment. So fun. The film is gorgeous & we did see it in 3D. (I kept forgetting & wanting to take the glasses off.)

There were some slow parts, but Johnny Depp would pull you right back in. There were a few slightly macabre parts, so I wouldn't suggest for small/sensitive kids. It's a must-see if you have a middle school-aged girl because it is a female champion, which is so rare. Burton must have made this for his 2 year old, Nell, to see some day when she's a tween & a clique or a boy threatens to define her.

You know this isn't a movie review though! See it with a friend. See it for THE CLOTHES!

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  1. I'm a tim burton fan ... AND IF YOU TELL ME CLOTHES ARE marvellous THERE ARE TWO REASONS for me to go to see this movie ( not yet in screens in France) can't wait to see the "punk vivienne westwood princess" ( it's all about me! )